Why change matters

We believe that arts and creativity underpin happy, healthy societies, and that having access to them enriches people’s lives. We recognise that levels of access are uneven, and we want to be a part of remedying that.

Tonic’s mission is to ensure that the broadest range of people can have art and creativity in their lives, whether engaging as professionals, amateur participants, or audiences. We do this by working in practical ways to remove barriers and create new structures that bridge gaps between people and opportunity.

“Tonic is in the business of hope. We believe strongly and passionately that a more equitable society is possible and want to galvanise and support our colleagues in the arts to play their role in this. We know that creativity makes people’s lives fundamentally more worth living. Our remit, therefore, is to ensure the widest possible range of people have access to the wonder, fun, inspiration and sheer life-affirming joy that arts and creativity bring.”

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