Addressing unconscious bias in recruitment processes with Charcoalblue

Case Study #2

Charcoalblue is the world’s leading Theatre, Acoustic and Digital Consultancy service and operates across six international studios in Australia, the UK and the US.

Having initially worked with Charcoalblue in 2017 to help them establish a staff engagement group to deliver on its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments to diversity, environmental responsibility and inspiring the next generation, they approached us again in 2021 to work with them on their recruitment processes.

Knowing the pressure under which recruitment can take place in such a high-speed global business, how could they ensure their appointments weren’t open to an unhealthy level of bias? Tonic worked with Charcoalblue to redesign their recruitment process from start to finish, reducing the risks of unconscious bias having a negative impact at every step. They also ensured every member of the Charcoalblue team globally had half a day of unconscious bias training with Tonic.

“The Tonic team have an incredible knack of hitting just the right note, navigating us seamlessly and intelligently through often sensitive subject matter and adopting a conversational and open approach to facilitate real change within our organisation. The work we do with Tonic gives us the tools to keep improving our internal processes and strengthening our culture which of course, in turn benefits our clients. Win win!”

Katy Winter, Senior Partner – People, Charcoalblue
Tonic Advance Network workshop led by Lucy Kerbel and Vicky Long at the Umbrella Rooms, London. Photo by Stephen Wright.

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