Making Change Happen

Your organisation has committed to making progress on equality, diversity and inclusion – now you just need to work out how! Being at base camp can feel exciting but daunting and having an expert guide can make all the difference.

Or perhaps you’ve been on the journey for some time and are feeling frustrated that things have gone awry or have stalled. Tonic can help you to jump-start your plans with confidence, or to untie knots that have hindered progress.

Our packages of support for organisations looking to turn their aspirations into equality, diversity and inclusion into concrete actions are created bespoke depending on an organisation’s needs, size and type.

Components we can cover include

  • Managing Change: increasing your organisation’s focus on EDI is a process of change and change can be hard for organisations, and the individuals who work in them, to accept. Using change management tools, Tonic can help you understand how to counter resistance, plan for and pace your change, and ensure structures and systems are in place that will give you the greatest chance of success
  • Creating an Equality Action Plan: designing something that is realistic, compelling and, most importantly of all, gets used!
  • Forming effective staff engagement groups: diversity working groups, staff equality forums, and internal steering committees focusing on different aspects of inclusion are increasingly part of the landscape of arts and culture organisations. Learn how to establish and maintain staff engagement groups that are empowered, clear on their goals and remit, and deliver long-term value to your organisation
workshop participants in a group discussion
Tonic Advance Network workshop led by Lucy Kerbel and Vicky Long at the Umbrella Rooms, London. Photo by Stephen Wright.

Our expertise

Our support for organisations looking to take tangible steps forward on EDI is underpinned by our decade of experience working with art and culture organisations of all shapes and sizes across the UK and beyond. Our track record means we possess an expert understanding of what works. We can also save you time and energy by pointing out and helping you to avoid common pitfalls.

If you’d like to book a free consultation with a member of the Tonic team about how we could support your organisation in this, use the booking form below or email

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