New Beginnings: Launch Event

New Beginnings: Launch Event

New Beginnings: Launch Event

May 2024

Hosted at Park Theatre, London

Tonic has been collaborating with the Research department at The Royal School of Central Speech and Drama. Together, we conducted research into the needs and concerns of young adults who are looking to enter or develop careers in arts administration at this time.

We know that today’s cohort of young adults have experienced a particularly complex set of challenges and disruption to their learning, social experiences and opportunities to develop work experience. The purpose of our research was to understand the impact of this in young adults in greater detail and appreciate what this means for them as they take their preliminary steps into the world of work.

On the 14th of May, we hosted an event at the Park Theatre in London to present our insights and launch a report of our findings. This included a breakout section to give attendees the chance to discuss and reflect, as well as a presentation of recommendations for employers.

The full report together with recommendations for employers and policy makers is available to read here.

Excellent presentation! Lively, engaging and good support with both figures and case story! The discussion part made the whole “academic research” more approachable and relevant to an arts manager! I particularly liked that questions were shared within the presentation before participants got to form the discussion groups.

Event Attendee

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