Our Approach

Tonic Theatre was created 10 years ago to initially achieve greater gender equality in the performing arts industry. However, it has always been our view that gender inequality is a component of wider discriminatory practice and we aim to address discrimination in and of itself to create better outcomes for everyone affected, including all women.

As a result, Tonic Theatre takes a holistic approach to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We help our clients understand the meaning and importance of EDI, and we recognise that the obstacles to equality do not just exist in mindsets but in established working practices that lead to discrimination in a variety of forms. We provide a service through developing an in-depth understanding of our clients’ operations and processes to identify and address barriers to greater equality, diversity and inclusion.

In addition to this support, we offer dedicated training programmes on unconscious bias, as well as training to address equality, diversity and inclusion in terms of individual characteristics, such as ethnicity, disability, gender and race. When we deliver focused programmes on issues relating to ethnicity, disability, gender and race, our training will be led by consultants who represent the characteristics of the groups whose equality we are advocating for. In the event a representative team member is not available, we will not take on this work. However, we will recommend fellow organisations led by people who represent these characteristics to support you instead.