Race and Allyship for Decision-Makers

Made for arts organisations wishing to tackle structural and systemic racism, this stand-alone session is aimed at leadership, management and any decision-makers. 

Available as

  • In-person training


  • Delivered as a 3.5 hour session


  • Maximum 20 participants
  • Ability to tailor for you

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“This was a really important session for us as a community, and it will allow conversations and developments to land differently and take place in a shared context. Thank you to Tonic for your work, focus, bravery, and calm and friendly approach.”


About the Course

Dismantling systemic racism in any institution might seem overwhelming. This session breaks this down for anyone who wants to explore how racism might negatively inform their, or their organisation’s, decision-making.

From a deep dive into the historical building blocks of racism to how it is maintained in our societies today, this session touches on global trade and commerce, greed for profit and power, capitalism and technological advancement, stops by the elements of human nature that might uphold racism and carries on to look at how culture and the performing arts perpetuate racism today.

Participants will be encouraged to identify the systems and structures that could uphold racism within their organisation and to explore the first tangible steps necessary to achieve lasting change on this topic. This session will be facilitated with a great level of care to ensure that both participants who have and have not experienced racism will have a useful conversation on the active dismantling of structures within any arts organisation.

Sessions take the form of interactive workshops, featuring a combination of group, pair, and solo working that encourage active learning through participation and engagement in structured discussions and exercises. 

Tonic Advance Network workshop led by Fay Jennett and Lucy Kerbel, London. Photo by Tom Lovatt.

What we’ll cover

  • Why this is important for any arts organisation
  • The historical foundations of racism
  • How racism shows up in broader society 
  • Systems and structures that uphold racism in the arts 
  •  Organisational action planning

You’ll come away with

  • A deeper understanding of how the arts is impacted by racism and where the arts sits within the broader context of society
  • Active steps you can take in allyship as a leader, manager or decision-maker
  • A list of practical first steps to achieve lasting change

Course details

  • Available as in-person training
  • Delivered as a 3.5 hour session
  • Maximum 20 participants

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