We Celebrate the Achievements of Women

Tonic spends a great deal of time focused on challenging the lack of women at senior level in the arts and creative industries, but we also think it’s important to celebrate the success stories. We create opportunities for inspirational women to tell their stories, because we recognise how important role models, and the value of demonstrating the contribution that women are making to the arts and creative industries across the UK.

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Tonic Awards

The pinnacle of our celebrations are the Tonic Awards, the first of which were held in March 2017. The Tonic Awards celebrate the achievements of women who are changing the face of our theatre industry, and projects and productions that are redefining the role of women in the performing arts. We’ve created the Awards so that the amazing contributions of women to theatre can be highlighted publicly – not just the doom and gloom stories about under-representation – and so that younger women in particular have visible role models to aspire to.


Tonic Celebrates

Ever wondered how leading women in theatre got to where they are? Now’s your chance to ask them. Tonic Celebrates is a series of events foregrounding the achievements of inspirational women in theatre. Each event brings together a group of remarkable women, all of whom are leaders in their field, to discuss their careers, work, and successes. The latest Tonic Celebrates event will be on Wednesday 21 February at Hoxton Hall. 


Tonic Podcasts

Tonic loves shouting about fantastic work that’s being made by women and about women across the UK theatre industry. We’re using podcasts to amplify this message, so wherever you are – UK or beyond – you can hear about the wealth of fantastic work that’s happening across the country.

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