Tonic, in association with Spark, present a programme of workshops for young theatre students to help catalyse change from the roots up.


In association with Spark

A programme of workshops for students of theatre and their teachers, empowering them to examine historic patterns of power-abuse in the theatre industry and challenge harassment today.

Through practical exercises, discussion, and creative activities our team of expert facilitators support participants to:

  • Understand what within the working practices and culture of theatre has, historically, created opportunity for abuses of power to arise. Then to feel invited to imagine how this could be different
  • Reflect on the values they wish to embody in how they conduct themselves and their careers plus practical advice on how to put this into action
  • Possess a range of tools through which to navigate challenging situations and to have the confidence to side-step unhealthy or unprofessional ways of working


To discuss bringing Empower to your students and colleagues, please contact info@tonictheatre.co.uk


“After the Empower sessions, I feel I have gained the tools to navigate my way through difficult situations in the industry. Being able to communicate assertively and stand by my morals is absolutely necessary practice not just for work, but life.”

“I think this was really useful for us all to take stock and look at the way we teach and how that can affect the students not only whilst in our lessons but also for the rest of their lives.”