Online Training

With the current pandemic, we are now offering online training, via video conferencing, on:

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Structural Inequalities

Online Training

Unconscious Bias

(2 x 90-minute sessions)

Our 2-part standard Unconscious Bias Training is aimed at those who are new to the topic or who are keen to refresh/increase their knowledge.

Part 1 provides participants with a clear understanding of what unconscious bias is, the impact it can have on how we make choices and interact with one another, and the role it can play in negatively impacting the diversity of an organisation’s workforce and output.

Part 2 guides participants through a structured process of thinking around how unconscious bias can begin to be addressed, providing tools and actionable ‘takeaways’ so they can start making progress immediately.

Our standard session is appropriate to anyone who works in the performing arts. We also deliver specialist sessions, for specific groups such as Boards, groups of Executive-level staff, or for personnel involved in artistic decision-making processes.


Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

(2 x 90-minute sessions)

Crafted specifically for performing arts organisations, this 2-part training is for people at the outset of exploring Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, or who are keen to fill gaps in their existing knowledge. Providing a clear and concise introduction to the basics, Tonic’s Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion will provide participants with:

  • Understanding of the core principles: what the terms ‘equality’, ‘diversity’, ‘representation’ and ‘inclusion’ mean; how they differ and how they interconnect
  • Confidence with language and terminology
  • Safe space to ask any questions
  • The chance to consider the impact on their individual area of responsibility at work

Using examples specific to the performing arts to illustrate points and deepen understanding, the training seeks to dispel common misconceptions about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and embolden participants to make real change at work.


Structural Inequalities: how to identify them, dismantle them, and build a fairer industry

(4 x 90-minute sessions)

Aimed at leaders and managers who are keen to affect a high level of change in their organisation This is a session for anyone looking to educate themselves and are asking the following questions:

  • Have you heard the term ‘structural inequality’ but don’t feel entirely sure what it means?
  • Do you want to look through fresh eyes at your organisation but need a new lens through which to do that?
  • Are you frustrated by the rate or scale of change despite efforts in the past?

Across four 90-minute seminar-style sessions (capped at 12 participants) learn, think, and re-appraise what you know about inequality in the performing arts. Through a series of structured provocations and exercises, Tonic will share the insights of its decade’s worth of experience delivering change across the performing arts and provide you with clear frameworks through which you and your organisation can move forward.

For more information about these sessions and any other training needs, please email