Tonic Connects

Exploring relevant themes for Women in Theatre

Tonic Connects is a new series of events exploring a topic with particular relevance to women in the industry. In each event we’ll aim to provide practical advice, guidance and information as well the chance to come together to think and discuss.

We are confident that Tonic Connects will spark new ideas and connections. We want to make sure women at all different levels of the industry have the opportunity to be part of this and so each guest is invited to bring a plus-one: this should be a woman who may be younger or more junior or newer to the industry than themselves, and who they believe will get something from – and bring something to – the event.

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The 2018 Tonic Connects


The inaugural Tonic Connects was held on Monday 12th November at Kiln Theatre, London.


The topic of the event was;


Over the last 12 months conversations about workplace bullying and harassment in our industry have risen to the surface. As part of challenging such behaviours, how can we help others to be resilient and how can we foster resilience in ourselves? We’ll be sharing practical examples of best practice, coaching tips, and hearing from women who have experienced challenging situations and who will be discussing the practical actions they and their colleagues took to get them through it.


Over the course of the morning, industry experts Gina Abolins, Ayesha Caseley-Hayford, and Rachel Bagshaw joined us for a panel discussion followed by a Q&A segment with the audience. This was followed by breakout session whereby our guests were invited to continue discussing the interesting connections and ideas sparked in a specially curated themed-table discussion.


“This event has allowed me to be a part of growing conversations I otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Increasing access is key.”

“Really stimulating and well organised. Thank you!”

“Brilliant, so helpful to be able to put our own practice in the context of others.”

Quotes from Tonic Connects 2018 Attendees

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