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Tonic Connects 2019 hosted by Lyric Hammersmith

Tonic Connects 2019

October 2019
Hosted by Lyric Hammersmith

Women remain at an increased risk of financial instability. On average they earn £300,000 less over their working lives and retire on pension pots five times smaller than men. In a field such as the performing arts, where wages can be low and work insecure, what does this mean for women’s financial wellbeing? And, more to the point, what can women – and their employers – do to ensure they are as informed, empowered and protected as possible?

Over the course of the morning, Katy Brown, Senior Associate at St James’s Place Wealth Management, Tari Shoniwa-Okoye who leads the Financial Education and Wellbeing Programme at Morrinson Wealth Wellbeing and Wendy Grace, Education Officer at MyBnk, joined us for a panel discussion followed by a Q&A segment with the audience. This was followed by breakout session whereby our guests were invited to continue discussing the interesting connections and ideas sparked in a specially curated themed-table discussion.

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