Gina Abolins

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Gina Abolins

Delivery Lead

With a background in theatre, Gina (she/her) has worked within outreach and participation as a practitioner, project manager and facilitator for many years. This includes previously working as Out Of Joint’s Education and Artist Development Officer and within the Creative Learning team at The Ambassador Theatre Group. She also runs her own company Spark, providing workshops on gender equality in schools. Prior to this, she trained and worked professionally as an actress.

Before becoming Delivery Lead, Gina was one of Tonic’s Associates, including collaborating on the creation of the Participate programme, which works in training conservatoires helping students to examine historic patterns of power-abuse in the arts industries and challenge harassment today. Gina is committed to supporting the equality, diversity and inclusion of the arts and culture sectors and is thrilled to now be a permanent part of an organisation doing important work to effect positive change.

Read Gina’s blog about the creation of the Participate programme.

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What does your role at Tonic involve?

Ooh, all sorts! It’s a very varied role, and every day brings something new. I deliver a fair amount of training, both in-person and online, and in-person work can take me across the country. I also develop new sessions for Tonic to run in the future, which involves lots of research and reading about different areas of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and creating structure and content for sessions. My role also involves building and maintaining relationships within the industry; including speaking with new and existing clients to decide how we might best work together, and checking in on how work has been received. As well as other ad hoc work on Tonic’s projects and events, it’s important in my role to be aware of the changing landscape surrounding EDI. In order to keep up to date, I read books, listen to podcasts, attend events and undertake all sorts of research. There’s lots of different things involved in the role, and I love the variety!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Tonic?

The people are fantastic – I really enjoy working with a brilliant group of enthusiastic and like-minded individuals. I also appreciate the opportunity to help make a difference through our work. We often hear back from clients talking of the impact our work has made, and that certainly makes the job all the more enjoyable.

What book/podcast/documentary/etc inspires you the most?

I thought ‘Invisible Women’ by Caroline Criado Perez was a really important read. It unlocked the wealth of gender data bias in society to readers, highlighting how the world is full of systems, policies and products built by men, for men. On a less data-driven note, I loved reading ‘My Hair is Pink Under This Veil’ by Rabina Khan. It’s an honest and powerful look into the realities facing Muslim women in Britain.

What 3 words would you use to describe Tonic?

Nuanced, energising, vital

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