Introduction to the Menopause

Around 51% of the population experience the menopause and yet knowledge about it can be lacking. In this session we’ll talk about what the menopause is, what it can mean for anyone experiencing it and how arts organisations can take active steps to increase awareness and support.

Available as

  • Online training
  • OR
  • In-person training


  • 2 x 90-min sessions online
  • OR
  • 1 x 3.5 hour session in-person


  • Maximum 20 participants
  • Ability to tailor for you

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About the Course

This session is for organisations that want to ensure their teams acquire a firm foundation of knowledge and awareness about the menopause. The peri-menopause and menopause can have a substantive effect on someone’s physical, mental and emotional capacities. In the session we’ll be providing dedicated focus on the potential impacts of this in an arts working environment and the support mechanisms can be put in place in response. We’ll be challenging popular misconceptions about the menopause and providing clarity and insight. In addition, we’ll explore how menopause can intersect with other societal pressures and prejudices such as perceptions around ‘getting old’ – especially for women.

As with all Tonic training, we’ll be focusing on the specifics of how this plays out in creative environments, considering the situation for anyone working in arts-specific scenarios such as fit ups, rehearsals, on set, or in the public eye, as much as those working in more conventional office environments. Given the high volumes of freelancers and casual staff within the arts workforce, we’ll be looking at the situation for people in more precarious forms of work, in addition to those employed on a salaried/fixed basis. 

Participants in conversation at the event Menopause: The Change in the Industry, July 2023.
Menopause: The Change in the Industry, July 2023. Photo by Sally Faith Photography

What we’ll cover

  • What peri-menopause and menopause are: the biological fundamentals
  • Common symptoms and treatments and how they can impact people in the arts working environment
  • How taboo, prejudice and discrimination around menopause can intersect with other societal inequities
  • The attitudinal and practical shifts that can provide additional support, flexibility and understanding for someone experiencing the menopause

You’ll come away with

  • Greater knowledge and confidence in regards to menopause
  • Insights into the wide range of experiences that individuals experiencing the menopause may have
  • A range of practical measures that your organisation could put into place to increase support and flexibility
  • A deeper understanding of how awareness of menopause is an important component of your organisation’s work to achieve greater equality, diversity and inclusion

Course details

  • Available both online OR in-person
  • Delivered as 2 x 90-minute sessions online, OR 1 x 3.5 hour session in-person
  • Maximum 20 participants

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