Theatre Casting Toolkit

A practical resource for making meaningful change on our stages and in our rehearsal rooms. was launched in 2018. It is designed for people involved in the casting process; from directors, casting directors and producers to anyone who is part of the marketing, rehearsing and staging of shows.

The genesis of the Theatre Casting Toolkit was a conversation between Equity, UK Theatre and the Society of London Theatre, who recognised that although many theatre organisations think it important to have varied and diverse casts, this isn’t always achieved. They wanted to know what could help with this.

To better understand the current picture, they commissioned Tonic to conduct research into how theatre is cast and where barriers exist. This research involved actors, agents, artistic directors, casting directors, directors and producers.

Using the insights gained through its research, Tonic designed components of the toolkit to address specific challenges identified.

The result is a practical resource which supports theatres and theatre producers to make meaningful change on their stages and in their rehearsal rooms.

Tonic – For greater equality, diversity and inclusion in the arts