Supporting White Light to take a post-pandemic approach to its Apprentice scheme

Case Study #3

For several years White Light, a production solution specialist operating in theatre, corporate events and broadcast, has run a highly successful apprenticeship scheme. Having paused apprenticeships during the pandemic, White Light sought Tonic’s support when looking to restart them in 2021.

Recognising the disproportionate impact that the pandemic had on young people – and certain groups of young people in particular – White Light wanted to ensure their recruitment processes and the support offered to apprentices remained inclusive, robust, and mindful of the new paradigm in which they were operating.

Tonic worked directly with White Light’s HR team (and continues to work with them) to review and, where necessary, update existing processes. We also delivered training to key members of warehouse staff with responsibility for supervising apprentices.

apprentice in workshop environment
Image courtesy of White Light

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