Tonic Changemakers

A membership programme for people doing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work in the arts and cultural sector

Tonic Changemakers is a community of likeminded people who are committed to driving EDI-related change in the arts and cultural sector. It is also a first of its kind hub of training, support and professional development opportunities designed specifically for EDI changemakers.

Tonic Changemakers is a rolling programme that is renewed on a yearly basis. Annual membership will give you access to:

  • Training for changemakers. Skilling you up to manage your journey and tackle this work strategically, confidently and creatively  
  • Projects via themed workshops that provide a deep dive into specific topics and allow you to work on change in real time over a series of months  
  • Group collaboration sessions. Spaces to share ideas, work through challenges and hear what’s working well in other organisations  
  • Gatherings so you can meet with your counterparts from other organisations  
  • Buddy system so you can connect with others across the sector doing work similar to you and feel less alone   
  • Monthly mailshots that highlight resources, opportunities and news  
Tonic Changemakers session, Building and Delivering an EDI Strategy

Further details including dates and membership fees can be found below.  

We are currently accepting sign ups for Tonic Changemakers.

If you’d like to have a conversation about whether Tonic Changemakers is right for you, or would like your employer to have the chance to find out more, contact Charlotte de Paeztron, to arrange a time for an informal chat with one of our team.  

Tonic – For greater equality, diversity and inclusion in the arts