Power Dynamics and Constructive Communication – for Students

A Participate student session

The concept of power can be a tricky one; and when it comes to your career, things can get even tougher. When is an appropriate use of power, and when is a misuse? And what can I say or do to question something? We cover all this and more in this power dynamics session.

Available as

  • In-person training


  • Delivered as a 3–3.5 hour session


  • Maximum 30 participants per group
  • Ability to tailor for you

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“After the sessions, I feel I have gained the tools to navigate my way through difficult situations in the industry. Being able to communicate assertively and stand by my morals is absolutely necessary practice not just for work, but life.”

Third Year Acting Student

About the Course

In this session, students will explore the concept of power; what a productive and healthy power dynamic looks like, versus abuse of power and the different forms that may take. Once this has been explored, students will work through a series of role plays and exercises designed to equip them with the skills and tools they need to better deal with different situations constructively, and in the moment.

young performers holding scrips during a rehearsal
National Youth Theatre. Photo by Nick Flintoff

What we’ll cover

  • What is power – healthy and unhealthy uses of power
  • Impact of misuse of power
  • Examples of this in a performing arts context
  • Assertive communication
  • Transactional analysis
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Space to consider how you might take areas of this learning away and action it moving forwards

You’ll come away with

  • A better understanding of the various forms ‘power’ may take and what an abuse of it could constitute
  • An understanding of different language and behavioural models that may be used to navigate difficult scenarios they may encounter
  • Practical skills, tips and tricks to deal with tricky situations
  • An ability to consider what the impact of certain behaviour, language and content may be on other people

Course details

  • Available as in-person training
  • Delivered as a 3–3.5 hour session
  • Maximum 30 participants per group

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