Sexism and Misogyny – for Students

A Participate student session

In this session we unpack how sexism and misogyny impact the performing arts industry, as well as the world around us. We look at how to tackle it, and explore what we can all do to drive positive change.

Available as

  • In-person training


  • Delivered as a 3 hour session


  • Maximum 30 participants per group
  • Ability to tailor for you

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“Thought provoking and genuine. Didn’t give in to the temptation to tick boxes or be idealistic.”

participant, 2021

About the Course

This session is about unpacking what we mean by sexism and misogyny in today’s society and how it plays out in our lives. We will then hone in on what this means for the performing arts using practical examples, and will explore how we can cultivate curiosity with the world around us, empathy for the situation of others, and a strong sense of our own integrity. The session concludes by considering what we can individually and collectively do to drive positive change to challenge sexism and misogyny within the arts.

young performers holding scrips during a rehearsal
National Youth Theatre. Photo by Nick Flintoff.

What we’ll cover

  • What are sexism and misogyny?
  • An overview of the challenges and barriers facing women in the performing arts today
  • Examples of how this plays out in practice
  • Understanding this through an intersectional lens
  • Ideas and exploration of what we can each do as individuals to drive change
  • Space to consider how you might take areas of this learning away and action it moving forwards

You’ll come away with

  • A greater understanding of sexism and misogyny in society, how it plays out and the impact it can have
  • A nuanced understanding of how this relates to the performing arts and their future careers in theatre
  • Knowledge of the role intersectionality plays within this
  • Some ideas and tools to help them tackle both their own and others’ sexism and misogyny within their careers
  • A greater sense of their own integrity as a professional, and some next steps to continue building this

Course details

  • Available as in-person training
  • Delivered as a 3 hour session
  • Maximum 30 participants per group

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Participate is Tonic’s programme of training created specifically for schools, colleges and conservatoires in the performing arts. It’s designed to help both students and staff address a range of topics in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion, to help them cultivate a safer and more inclusive training environment, and to provide advice and tools they can take with them.
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