Tonic Celebrates

Tonic Celebrates is a series of events foregrounding the achievements of inspirational women in theatre. Each event brings together a group of remarkable women, all of whom are leaders in their field, to discuss their careers, work, and successes.

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The first half of the evening is chaired by Tonic Theatre’s Director Lucy Kerbel, with questions ranging from what an average working day looks like to how their careers began. After a brief interval, the floor is opened up to the audience for questions, and our engaged and passionate audience always instigates a thoughtful and inspiring conversation. 


“We began Tonic Celebrates to do just that: celebrate women and their achievements in the theatre industry. It’s a great opportunity for panellists to reflect on their unique careers, and for audiences to ask pertinent questions about the valuable experiences and lessons they’ve learnt. I’m always overwhelmed by the generosity and honesty our panellists show to our audience, and the atmosphere is truly inspiring and uplifting.”

Lucy Kerbel, Tonic Director

“Stupendous! How rallying and inspiring to share in the journeys of such brilliant, accomplished and down to earth women. I’m leaving with renewed determination and joy”


“It was wonderful and utterly inspiring. What incredible and talented women. I want to be them when I grow up.”


“Wonderful, eye-opening, warm, generous and personal – such a lovely idea to celebrate these amazing women and their achievements.”


Tonic Celebrates is sponsored by Charcoalblue.

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